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Food Labeling Software

What to look for in a Food Labeling Software?

Food manufacturing companies are required to provide a Nutrition Facts Panel on food packages especially if the food is sold via retail operations. A Food Labeling Software can ease the burden and create FDA compliant nutrition facts labels in minutes.

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Companies looking to create their own food labels can use a nutrition analysis software to first analyze the nutrition content of their recipes. The software will then use built in algorithms to create the exact label format required for packaging. It is recommended to look for a software that has the ability to create various different label formats like vertical full, dual declaration, bilingual English and Spanish or English and French labels. Which label format to select is determined by the layout of the food package and the type of food. For example food manufacturing companies that produce cake mix can use a dual declaration label format to display the nutrient content for the dry mix as well as the nutrient content for the cooked cake product.

It is also important to look for a food labeling program that can create flexible graphics formats. This flexibility will allow customers to manipulate the food label image and create visually appealing food packages. The most common graphics formats used are jpeg, and pdf.

In addition look for software applications that create Nutrient Content Claims. Nutrient Content Claims are set by the Food and Drug Administration and are based on nutrient levels found in a particular food item. For example if a ready to eat cereal has enough fiber and is tagged as a high fiber source then citing that claim on a food package might entice consumers to purchase this cereal over the one that is lower in fiber. Software applications can ease this workload by built in formulas that can tag your particular food item based on the nutrient value and thus displaying Nutrient Content Claims that can be used in marketing the product.

Customization and intuitiveness are important as well when trying to find the right software package. Having the ability to make different types of labels for your nutrition private label manufacturing needs is important but equally important is the software’s ability to scale recipes for individual serving sizes.

Support is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a nutrition labeling software. Does the company offer you support on the product? A frequent offering for high end products should include the first year of support in the cost of the product. It could be renewable for a fee beyond that first year.

A step by step directions guide should be included with a product and the product should be very user friendly with easy to use tutorial and help features to assist a new user get familiar with the application. Search capabilities, interactive tutorials, ability to export the labels, scalability and reporting features can also be helpful plus security features that enable you to protect your recipes and only allow certain key personnel to access the application is an important feature for some food manufacturers.

In summary look for a food labeling software that will meet your company’s needs. Try the demos offered and find a product that will be a great value for the investment.

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