About Us

Our Mission

Axxya Systems is a highly respected leader in food, diet, menu analysis and nutrition labeling. Our number one objective is to provide our clients with the state-of-the-art software, at a very competitive price. In addition to offering great products, we also strive to offer the most unsurpassed customer service in the industry and to develop products that most satisfy our clients’ needs.

Our mission is to continuously create nutrient analysis tools for our ever-evolving worldwide clients, so they in turn can provide accurate and compelling information to their customers. We value our clients and want to help them reach their goals.

Our History

Axxya Systems helps meet your needs for reliable, up-to-date comprehensive nutrition information, with a full menu of Nutritionist Pro software products.  Nutritionist Pro has been serving the food, nutrition, fitness, and academic professionals for over 4 decades from its DOS beginnings in the 1980s to the cloud versions in present day.

Based on our widely accepted nutrition and food knowledge base, Nutritionist Pro uses the latest technology tools to create a streamlined database structure and intuitive screens for fast and quick creation of diets, menus, recipes and more.

Our staff of registered dietitians and software engineers have more than 40 years of combined experience in dietetics and software development.  With our software products you can draw upon that expertise to strengthen your nutrition analysis capabilities, gain a competitive edge and create a more positive professional image in the eyes of your clients.

Over the last 4 decades professionals from various industries including, but not limited to, restaurants, food manufacturers, sports franchises, healthcare professionals and the military have relied on Nutritionist Pro and its legacy products.  With our cutting edge technology and with an extensive food database, our customer base has grown well beyond the United States. We currently serve clients in the US, Canada and many other countries worldwide.

Nutritionist Pro is an essential staple for industry professionals.


How We Meet Your Needs

We Work With Passion

Different options for desktop and online available. Offering flexibility to our clients.

Food Label Layouts

Nutritionist Pro offers many different nutrition facts layouts for various package

PC and Mobile Options

Food labeling recipe features available for both PC and Mobile options.  Flexibility that clients love.

We Work Together

Client feedback is important to us and we try to enhance the products to fit their needs.

Client Entries

Create client’s diets, menus, use built in nutrient goals to assess needs and adjust their plans as needed.

Support At Its Finest

Excellent customer and technical support offered both during US and Asia hours.

We Work With Care

Our clients from different industries work together to create setups that meet their evolving needs.

Menu Items

Cycle menus for facilities and nutrient goals for comparison with wizard and easy creation features.

Continuous Growth

Always working on improving our products and services for the ever changing industry.