CFR 21 Food Labels

How to Create CFR 21 Food Labels to Comply with USA Guidelines?

Food producers have an obligation to provide food for safe consumption. Labeling is a vital part for packaged foods.


Axxya Systems Nutritionist Pro NexGen Launches New Canada Labels

Axxya is proud to release the New Canada Label designs. Health Canada on October 24, 2016 launched the Healthy Eating Strategy.

Hong Kong Nutrition Facts Generator

Easy to use software for Hong Kong nutrition facts label generation.

There are many opportunities for healthcare and food sectors all over the world, such as population growth and changing diets.


Supertracker was discontinued June 30th, 2018 how can this impact my students?

SuperTracker was a food pattern analysis tool in which users could enter consumed foods, and it would be displayed in various food groups.


Help! I need a Food label for US grocery and retail stores. Where do I Start?

Food labeling, nutrition data and the packaging world can be very daunting.  You might not know where to start looking for information.